Planning & Scheduling

Planning Manager simplifies planning and scheduling

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Automated production scheduling can reduce tied up cash in raw material, Work in Progress (WIP) and finished goods by 20%. Schedule and reschedule jobs based on exceptions, resources, priorities, what-if analyses and changing customer requirements.

By connecting purchasing with production planning, you can address the scheduling complexity of many Hi Mix Low Volume manufacturers. Money goes back into the company pocket when you stop the hidden leakage of cash from the shop floor. Cash flow is improved, the need for borrowed capital is reduced and stressful stock write-offs are avoided.

Not only will you see improved cash flow, but customer service will be improved with reliable order promise delivery dates, and better labor planning will occur with more available resources.

Once you have determined what you need, you need to make it in the most efficient way while providing your customers with delivery dates they can rely on.

Using Planning Manager, you are able to simplify the planning process. Being able to save time and accurately plan, provides customers with realistic promise dates quickly, reduces overtime, provides greater visibility of work in progress and ultimately delivers to your customer faster and at less cost.

  • Accurate delivery dates
  • 50% inventory reduction
  • Improve productivity
  • 50% less time planning