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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Many industries, including retail, automotive, medical and food, require the constant transmission of invoice, order and shipment information between them and their trading partners.

Fax and standard mail have become obsolete with the optimization of EDI tools. These technologies have reinvented trading partner communication and the speed of doing business. The benefits of EDI systems are well documented. EDI reduces inventory issues, supports more accurate forecasts and allows trading partners to communicate much more quickly. With little or no need for manual data entry, valuable office resources are also freed up to focus on more important business functions.

On-Premise EDI

On-premises EDI solutions make document transmission as efficient as possible by reducing overhead while keeping a high level of production. Decrease your paper costs, eliminate human data entry errors, and reduce lead times - all while increasing the quality of your trading relationships.

On-Demand EDI

With the emergence of cloud computing, EDI is evolving in ways that change how companies interact with their customers. Our cloud-based EDI solutions go far beyond the basics, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we deploy tools that support more collaborative trading partner relationships.